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The ministry of  Ev. Joseph Achanya

Become one of the 100 monthly partners and help share the gospel to the millions yet untold.


To be on the frontline of global evangelism


To announce Jesus Christ to the Nations untill he is believed throughout the world – 1Tim:3:16

Preacher Jay

Evangelist Joseph Achanya is the pioneer of Mega Harvest. He is the host of “Heal the Sick” radio/ TV broadcast and is an active member of Revival Today Evangelistic Association, USA. Evangelist Joseph Achanya believes that people today need to see Jesus the same as people in Bible days. For this reason, he has conducted numerous international open air crusades and outreaches with the theme “THIS SAME JESUS”.

Our generation shall be shaken!




Annual Soul Goal

Mega Harvest Global Mission

Become a partner. Make an eternal impact.

Do you share a passion for reaching the lost? Do you desire to be personally involved in the end-time harvest in a meaningful way? Mega Harvest Partnership Program puts you on the front line of global evangelism. The ministry partnership program is a practical and highly effective initiative that reaches thousands of precious souls face to face and millions via television with the gospel of Jesus Christ every year. We are on a mission to announce Jesus to all nations until He is Believed throughout the world. You can be a significant part of it!


“God wants you well, the devil wants you sick!
God wants you to live, the devil wants you to die!
God wants you to prosper, the devil wants you to suffer!
Choose God and turn back on the devil“


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“Whatever you need, God has the supply. Whatever problem you have, God has the solution. Whatever sin you have committed, God can forgive you. Whatever sickness you have, God can heal you.“


Powerful Testimonies

“More than a month since Evangelist jay came to my church and my wife is still walking without aid. Brings tears every time I watch! I was also baptized in the Holy Ghost and I am speaking in tongues! I have joy in my spirit like NEVER before. PRAISE GOD THANK YOU JESUS”

Mr. B.B

“Back in November, we
attended your service in Pittsburgh
and you prayed for my husband to
be healed of scoliosis. Instantly he could feel a change when you laid hands on him.
Yesterday he got an X-ray and the
doctor told him that his spine is
perfectly aligned and there is no
sign of scoliosis anywhere on the X-ray.”

Mrs. E.M

“Here I am as a living testimony from Botswana. I was in pain for too long using crutches to walk but today I am walking with my own legs! No more crutches! For those who don't believe me, here I am to witness the mercy of God. Miracles do exist! I believe God through the prayer of the man of God and God did it for me! Be blessed Evangelist and God should use you more so those who did not believe will see and start to believe.”

Sean Wilson - Francistown, Botswana
Our Generation Shall Be Shaken!

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